Surrender To My Authority

You Will Obey Me


Fear Me

Mistress Bane Belladonna dominatrix and lifestyle coach.

 Sadistic, Evil, Cruel, I've been called a lot of things... You may refer to me as Mistress Bane Belladonna.
It won't take long for us to get acquainted, I'll have you wrapped around my finger in no time.
My sharp intellect and swift tactics will render you utterly powerless. 

Adore Me


Finally, a meaning to your worthless existence. You now have the privilege of worshiping me. Show me how much your adore me. Beg for my precious attention. You'll work hard to make certain that I get everything I want. Tributes, Gifts,  and purchases off my  wish-list  always put a smile on my face.

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Mistress Bane Belladonna, Latex, Catsuit, Book Seesion, Femdom, Dominatrix, Ebony Dominatrix

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 I am the epitome of a cold heartless bitch that doesn't have to say much or do much to make you surrender to my authority. 

My calm and aloof demeanor will leave you anticipating my next move in this enticing game of cat and mouse. Some of my favorite interests: Slave Training, Humiliation, Financial Domination and Sadistic play. However, this list is constantly growing.  Your pain is my absolute pleasure and I thoroughly enjoy guiding you to new realms of the two, unified 

 Being a dominant female has always been second nature to me. From a very young age, I knew the power I held and how to utilize this. I spent my early years in the Los Angeles industrial
clubs where I had my first taste of BDSM. I would wear alluring PVC, Corsets, Vinyl, and Stilettos that would captivate anyone who set their eyes upon me.
It was there that I made a few club acquaintances that requested one on one time for me to practice on them, and the rest is history.







Financial Domination 

Boot Worship


Fetish: Stockings, Latex, PVC, etc

Corporal Punishment


What are you waiting for?


 I DO NOT Provide any type of sexual service.  As a Pro Domme, I provide Professional Domination, and not prostitution.   That includes body worship, the use of drugs or alcohol and any other illegal acts. 


Send your completed application to .

After the application process there will be a short waiting period. if I decide you are worthy of my time, we will proceed. You will then send a 25% deposit.  This deposit can be made via Amazon Gift Card.

 After the deposit, you will be given my booking number. We will have a brief discussion on any further details and session date. Now sit back, relax, and wait. 

Online and Phone

Serve me from the comfort of your own home and book and online session with me. Online sessions are perfect for long distance training sessions and can be a perfect introduction into the world of BDSM if you are feeling reluctant to dive in fully. The same rules apply, send your application to my email for consideration. 

Serve me discreetly by calling my phone line directly starting at $1.99 a min. 


 Want to serve me in person? Inquire via email along with application.

Online Domination :  

15 minutes $75

30 minutes $150

45 minutes $175

60 minutes $250